Muslim Brotherhood Threatens EU Not to Recognize Egypt’s New President

By on June 5, 2014in From The Arab World

The Muslim Brotherhood international wing has reportedly sent a threatening note to several European Union states—including Britain, France, and Germany—demanding that they not recognize Abdel Fateh al-Sisi’s landslide presidential victory in Egypt.

An excerpt from the statement follows:

There is no legitimacy to a regime that has been rejected by its people, and based on the principles you profess, it is necessary that you not acknowledge or cooperate with regimes which you of all people know are illegitimate. So if you insist on acknowledging and cooperating with him, then judgment between you and us will be left to the people—who will never forgive you.

Interestingly, the “regime that has been rejected by its people” is none other than the Muslim Brotherhood and former president Muhammad Morsi, who were ousted in the June 2013 revolution, when reportedly tens of millions took to the streets, in what has been described as the largest revolution recorded in human history.

Note also the final and not so veiled threat, that “if you insist on acknowledging and cooperating with him, then judgment between you and us will be left to the people—who will never forgive you.”

Which “people” will never forgive Europe? Surely not the millions who voted for Sisi. Clearly, this is a reference to the “people” of the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies, who, as precedent showed in Egypt after they were overthrown, resort to terrorism when they don’t get what they want.




Tuesday, June 3, 2014 – EC Announces It officially : #ElSisi is the President of #Egypt

And the Presidential Elections Commission “PEC” has announced it officially : Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is the president of Egypt for the next four years. He won it nearly for 96.9% of the votes. There is no surprise here.

According to PEC the following are the official results and numbers…

A photo before the speech



  • The eligible voters : 53,909,306
  • The number of voters who participated in the elections : 25,578,223
  • The turnout : 47.45%
  • Spoilt Votes : 1,040,608
  • Valid Votes : 24,537, 615
  • Abdel Fattah El-Sisi : 23,780,144
  • Hamdeen Sabahi : 757,511


Not less than 15,000 Egyptians are celebrating his victory in Tahrir square. It is not fully packed but the TV cameras are zooming out. All TV channels are cheering for the new president. Since early morning army units closed Tahrir square in front of traffic where big stages were set up in order to celebrate El-Sisi’s victory. Similar stages are set up in major squares in big cities in Egypt. I wonder how much the cost for such big and fancy celebration.

Cables are coming from the Arab countries , KSA is first of course followed by UAE. KSA is calling for an international economic conference to aid Egypt economically, I wonder if Hamdeen Sabahi won , would the Kingdom call for such conference !?
The newly elected president addressed the Nation shortly after the result in a recorded video message saluting the people , the police and the army as well his rival Sabbahi. El-Sisi praised the glorious Jan25 Revolution which his supporters curse day and night. He also told Egyptians to work to rebuild Egypt.


Congratulation to the Egyptian people. I wish them well and am happy they don’t have the NATO backed Muslim Brotherhood (and their military wing al-Qaeda and other salifist groups) as their government leaders. Let’s hope the USA can follow suit in our next election.

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