Watch: Bergdahl’s Fellow Soldiers Consider Him a Deserter Who Needs To Be Court-Martialed

Six soldiers who served with Bergdahl interviewed by Megyn Kelly Jun 5 2014

Six soldiers who served with Bergdahl interviewed by Megyn Kelly Part 2 Jun 6 2014

Published on Jun 6, 2014

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Per the video – Bergdahl told his fellow soldiers he wanted more aggressive war manovrers against the taliban, he was disappointed and frustrated that he couldn’t fight the Taliban more aggressively…Compare this with the email he sent to his Taliban friendly father.


Hey Obama, let’s have a belated celebration at the Rose Garden for Benedict Arnold, the Tokyo Rose’, the Rosenberg’s, David Greenglass, Alger Hiss, Morton Sobell, Axis Sally, Rita Zucca, Robert Philip Hansen, John Walker Lindh, and why not throw in Judas Iscariot, Brutus, Cassius, Henri Petain, Pierre Laval, Quisling, Klaus Fuchs, Guy Fawkes, Lord Haw-Haw… (and Bill Keller from the NYSlimes). heh


The way egotist Obama wants things to be is in his head therefore it’s the way it really is…if we disagree with his crazy notions then we’re all domestic terrorists. I mean, who deliberately changes their name? Obama!

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