Flashback: “Father of prisoner of war Bowe Bergdahl speaks at annual motorcycle rally” – (Rolling Thunder)

Article by: STACY A. ANDERSON , Associated Press

Updated: May 27, 2012

Bob Bergdahl, father of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl of Hailey, Idaho, who is being held captive in Afghanistan, shakes the hand of Gerald McCullar of Washington, Ill., who is portraying a prisoner of war, after he speaks at the the annual Rolling Thunder rally for POW/MIA awareness, in Washington, Sunday


WASHINGTON – The father of a U.S. soldier who was taken prisoner in Afghanistan thanked the motorcycle riders of Rolling Thunder on Sunday for raising awareness of missing-in-action troops and prisoners of war.

At the annual Rolling Thunder rally on the National Mall, Bob Bergdahl promised his son: “You will come home. We will not leave you behind.”

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, 26, of Hailey, Idaho, was taken prisoner in Afghanistan nearly three years ago. He is the subject of a proposed prisoner swap in which the Obama administration would allow the transfer of FIVE TALIBAN PRISONERS long held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Bergdahl said he couldn’t be happier with the government’s efforts to return his son.

“This is a complicated issue and it’s going to demand all aspects of American government. And we need joint cooperation, we need every level, every agency and every dimension of American government to cooperate and pay attention,” he said. “We’re on a mission to get our son home and we’re not going to stop until we accomplish that.”

Motorcyclists attending the ceremony wore yellow wristbands with Bergdahl’s name and the date he went missing on them. Many also wore the traditional biker gear of leather vests and riding boots, even though temperatures reached the 90s.

Hundreds of thousands of bikers, including military veterans and non-veterans, gathered in the nation’s capital this weekend for the Rolling Thunder rally.



Rolling Thunder Bikers:

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’2 Million Bikers’ head to D.C. for 9/11 to counter Muslim March…


The trading of these 5 Taliban Drug Lords and Murderers have been in the works for a number of years.

It appears that not only his town but also rallies for POW’s/MIA awareness believed he was a POW.  If he was indeed a POW one can understand the need for signed nondisclosures and gag orders but when it was known from the beginning that Bergdahl was a deserter we should have been made aware. Instead we were all duped.


free guantanimo prisoners tweet zigler

Did the father know he was a deserter?

Note to taliban robert: These Five Taliban Drug Lords and Murderers just released in exchange for your deserter son murdered thousands of innocent Afghani men women and children as well as NATO soldiers. They are also drug traffickers. And at least six US soldiers lost their lives hunting for your son who deserted his post. They will NEVER get home!!!

PS: taliban robert deleted the tweet but not in time…


The POW/MIA Awareness Rally, where Daddy Bergdahl was present, was on May 27, 2012. In early 2012, the Taliban announced that it had established a “political office” in Doha for the expressed purpose of securing their freedom. This was obviously part of an Obama  “peace plan” negotiation with the taliban – one of which was the release of the Obama5. Was the Bergdahl family involved in a plot to get the Gitmo prisoners released by using their son one might wonder. The son volunteered in 2008, was in Afghanistan 2009. How long was he in Afghanistan before he reached out to the taliban…

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