White House: It was Hagel, not Obama, Who Made the Final Call to Trade Bergdahl

9 Jun 2014 tweet:

Classified #Bergdahl briefing just finished.

WH officials say Secy. Hagel made the final call on #Bergdahl swap.

A couple of Obama’s lies:

2008: “Navy Seal Team 6 is Cheney’s private assassination team.”

2011: “I put together Seal Team 6 to take out Bin Laden.”

2008: “Bin Laden is innocent until proven guilty, and must be captured alive and given a fair trial.”

2011: “I authorized Seal Team 6 to kill Bin Laden.”

2008: “Guantanamo is entirely unnecessary, and the detainees should not be interrogated.”

2011: “Vital intelligence was obtained from Guantanamo detainees that led to our locating Bin Laden.”



Note: We were told by the media in 2001 that OBL had kidney failure – this diagnosis requires a dialysis machine and since we were told he was living in cave somewhere in the Tora Boro region the chances of his survival was nil. I remember reading somewhere that he had Marfan Syndrome (genitic connective tissue disease) again without the proper medical treatment he couldn’t have survived. OBL died of natural causes 2001 – imo.


Published on Jun 9, 2014 –

Obama5: “I make no apologies for it. It was a unanimous decision among my principals in my government, and a view that was shared by my Joint Chiefs of Staff. This is something I would do again and I will continue to do whenever I have an opportunity.



Obama has the maturity of a five year old.

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