Iraqi Atrocity Pictures: Truckloads of Iraqi Security Forces – Christians Murdered and Beheaded by ISIS

Obama rallied fanatical Muslims while a U.S. paid Senator. Christians were being slaughtered and burnt alive in their Christian Churches ~ all for his Sharia Cousin Odinga!

One of the traded Obama5 – Mullah  Mohammed Fazl

The Muslim Brotherhood represents the nexus where fanatical Islamists, deviant elites, and the criminalized elements in government and the Intelligence Community meet.

Obama plays gulf while Iraq burns


Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Islamist group ISIS loaded the “security forces” on at least one truck.
ISIS truck
If you look at the picture you’ll notice the “security forces” were dressed in pedestrian clothes.

Here is another load of Iraqi prisoners in a different truck.
ISIS truck men

The prisoners were then led to a ditch outside Tikrit.
led to ditch ISIS
(The Standard)

The victims were slaughtered like animals in a ditch.
mass grave ISIS

Here’s another view of the ISIS slaughter.
The prisoners were sprayed with bullets and left to die.
tikrit mass grave ISIS

The Austrian reported on the ISIS mass executions (translated):

The images show how hundreds of people are transported on trucks to their execution. Then they are by armed masked to an obviously uninhabited area driven where they have to lie down side by side with his face to the ground. Then it is seen as a fighter of the ISIS goes along the row with a machine gun and shoots one after another. There are dozens of images, but the majority is too brutal to publish it.

Even before the days claimed ISIS to have captured when taking Mosul 4,500 Iraqi soldiers. The 3000 including Sunnis should be freed, according to ISIS Propaganda, 1700 Shiites, however, had been executed. With the images now published on an official ISIS-channel, the terror group apparently wants to provide the proof. The claims of the radical Islamic group can not be independently verified. Similarly, the place of execution, which is supposed to act according to jihadist propaganda to the province of Salah ad-Din.


Rounded up at gunpoint, beaten, herded into lorries and shot dead in a ditch in the desert by a row masked fanatics: Atrocity by ISIS against Iraqi army deserters as Baghdad prepares to defend itself against onslaught



Pictures from google and daily mail – daily mail


Manturian Candidate aka Head of Al Qaeda – “No ground troops in Iraq” – “sending 100 – 150 troops to the airport.”

Again – the militant groups of the Muslim Brotherhood are working for the NATO – Internationalists with major funding from the Sauds, Qatar and other gulf states.

Remember: Most the people who were involved with 911 were from Saudi Arabia

Iran sends troops into Iraq to aid fight against Isis militants –


This is an invasion funded and planned by the Sunni Sauds (for the most part). Christians are being lined up and shot in the back of the head with many beheaded. Shi’ite’ are being murdered in the tens. It will end up being a civil war between Suni and Shi’ite which was obviously in the plans if one reads the history and documents.

Extermination of The Christians of Iraq…

Below are some of the images released by ISIS overnight, courtesy of Long War Journal.

WARNING: Many of the images below are graphic and show the execution of Iraqi soldiers. The images are a selection of more than 60 published by the ISIS’ Salahaddin Division. You can view the all of the photographs here.

ISIS terrorists in brand uew pick-ups move in a convoy in Salahaddin province:

ISIS fighters open fire from a pickup truck as dismounted troops assault a base:

ISIS fighters travel in a captured Iraqi police pickup truck:

A captured American-made Iraqi Army Humvee:

Two ISIS fighters pose with captured military vehicles:

Two ISIS fighters pose over the body of a dead Iraqi soldier:

Iraqi soldiers are herded to a truck to be transported to their execution:

Iraqi soldiers are transported to the execution site:

ISIS fighter opens fire on Iraqi prisoners as they lie in a shallow ditch:

An ISIS fighter holds a US M-16 rifle as captured Iraqi soldiers lie face down on the ground:

An Iraqi soldier wore civilian clothes over his uniform in an attempt to disguise himself:

ISIS fighters form a line and execute the captured Iraqi soldiers:

more pics:


13921025184232891_PhotoLDate and Time:16 January 2014 – 21:11: The photo shows the bodies of the people killed by Al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Qadi Askar neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria.


6/15 1900h – late update linking pic to source. I’m not sure about this source since the blog page displays the logo for Otpor – now called Canvas makes it, imo, a disinformation or propaganda site for the west since that’s who pays them. The male-female at the front of the picture with h/is knee bent doesn’t appear “real” or really dead. Propaganda which inspires fear is a powerful tool used to control the masses. Still it could be real…just making an observation…but they are improving on their staging skills.


Sunni militants capture Iraqi city near Syria June 16, 2014 10:36 AM

(Last updated: June 16, 2014 07:25 PM) By Qassim Abdul-Zahra

Iraqis walks along a street in the town of Bartala, on June 15, 2012, east of Mosul, as some Iraqi police and security remain in the town to protect the local churches and community.  AFP PHOTO/KARIM SAHIB

Iraqis walks along a street in the town of Bartala, on June 15, 2012, east of Mosul, as some Iraqi police and security remain in the town to protect the local churches and community. AFP PHOTO/KARIM SAHIB

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