Paul Ryan to IRS Commissioner: Nobody Believes You!

Published June 20, 2014: Demanding an apology to the American taxpayers, Ryan asserted the IRS had abused its power, before suggesting that Koskinen was lying about the circumstances behind the IRS’ claim that Lois Lerner’s emails were lost as a result of hard drive crashes.

“I don’t believe it, that’s your problem, nobody believes you,” said Ryan, adding that everything the IRS has claimed about the scandal has since proven untrue and that the agency had hidden the hard drive crash until asked about it by lawmakers on Monday.

Things then began to get testy as Ryan asked why the IRS had promised to turn over the emails before trotting out the “hard drive crash” explanation.

“You are the Internal Revenue Service, you can reach into the lives of hard working taxpayers and with a phone call, an email or a letter you can turn their lives upside down. You ask taxpayers to have seven years of their personal tax information in case they’re ever audited and you can’t keep six months worth of employee emails,” charged Ryan.

Published June 14, 2014:  Short Version – GASPS as IRS Commissioner Admits Missing Lois Lerner Hard Drive was Recycled aka Melted Down aka Trashed (if you’re dumb enough to believe the smug SOB)

Published June 20, 2014: Dave Camp on questioning the IRS Commissioner:

“Can we have the Serial Number of that Hard Drive?” And when asked if he’d agree to a Special Presecutor the IRS Commissioner said NO!  heh

Camp: “The IRS in charge of hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ information. And you’re now saying your technology system was so poor that years’ worth of emails are forever unrecoverable?” Camp charged. “How does that put anyone at ease? How far would the excuse ‘I lost it’ get with the IRS for an average American trying to file their yearly taxes who may have lost a few receipts.”


Note the arrogance, smirks, and smugness of this IRS Commissioner.


In reality the IRS is a tax collection agency for the financial owners of the Private Federal Reserve Bank – America Inc. The Corporate Office is the City of London Inc. The mafia took more than one page out of the IRS handbook though one is legal – the other illegal.

Bottomline: The Obama cabal wouldn’t use the powerful as the IRS as a weapon unless he was absolutely sure they had control of it, that they’d continue to have control of it, and that it won’t be turned back against them. The Obama admin. wouldn’t have let the IRS loose on the Tea Party unless they knew that they controlled the IRS and it wouldn’t be used against them. So, either they know the Repubicans would never use the IRS as a weapon, even if they regained power, or they don’t think the Republicans will ever regain power.

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