Americans say the USA should “mind its own business” in foreign affairs reached a 50 yr. high (Obama surveys abysmal)

Obama Hits Record Lows On Foreign Policy Approval
Support for a Rand Paul-like non-interventionist stance now at a half-century high
Obama Hits Record Lows On Foreign Policy Approval

by Steve Watson June 24, 2014

Fresh surveys released today indicate that most Americans have finally realised that the Obama Administration’s foreign policy really doesn’t differ all that much from that of the interventionist Neocons that proceeded it.

A New York Times/CBS News poll finds that 52 percent of Americans do not approve of Obama’s handling of the escalating violence in Iraq. Only 37 percent approve.

“I voted for him because he said, ‘Give me four more years and I will fix everything,’ but nothing is being fixed,” Michelle Roberts, 34, a Democrat rom Salem, Mass., told The New York Times.

The same poll also indicated that 58 percent of Americans disapprove of Obama’s foreign policy in general. That number represents a huge 10 point jump in the last month, and is higher than at any point during his five years in office so far.

The poll also concluded that almost one third of Democrats do not approve of the President’s handling of foreign policy.

A separate Washington Post-ABC News poll also finds that 52 percent disapprove of Obama’s handling of the situation in Iraq, the first time in Obama’s tenure that disapproval over Iraq has outpaced approval.

The survey finds that strong negative sentiment on the matter is now outpacing strong approval by 2 to 1 (34 to 17 percent).

The survey also found that almost two-thirds of the public opposes sending U.S. ground forces to combat ISIS terrorists.

Meanwhile, despite what Dick Cheney would have American’s believe, Rand Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy is winning over the hearts and minds of Republican voters.

Washington Post writer Aaron Blake, presents a plethora of empirical evidence in a piece today that indicates GOP supporters are tired of America acting as the world’s policeman, and are coming round to the notion that U.S. foreign policy is fomenting extremism in the Middle East.


Blake notes the percentage of Americans saying that the United States should “mind its own business” in foreign affairs reached a half-century high in 2013, with around half — 52 percent in a Pew poll — agreeing with the notion, and only 38 percent disagreeing. 


It’s insane that this incompetent, corrupt, lying, snake in the grass, could have some people still supporting him.

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