Old SARS Iso-Tubes Are Keeping Ebola Patients Alive On Planes

Andrew Tarantola


Old SARS Iso-Tubes Are Keeping Ebola Patients Alive On Planes


When doctors are stricken by the infectious disease they are fighting”the recent and ongoing West African Ebola outbreak, for example€”you can’t very well stick them on a commercial flight back to the states for treatment. Instead, highly infectious disease (HID) patients must instead be transported under complete biological isolation inside one of these portable, personal clean rooms…

…Today, these types of devices are still used by both other government agencies as well as a number of independent medical flight services and are being actively employed throughout West Africa to evac Western doctors who contract Ebola. [Scientific AmericanRAFCDCWiki]

contin: http://gizmodo.com/old-sars-iso-tubes-are-keeping-ebola-patients-alive-on-1636481826

It looks like one could carry/smuggle all sorts of cargo within…

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