VIDEO: CDC Tom Freiden wears ebola protective clothing – Nurses had to wear safety clothes w/ neck exposed (CDC scrubbed link)

Nurses who contacted ebola because of inadequate protective clothing! One was given permission by Dr Tom Freiden’s CDC to travel by air Dr Freiden has denied knowing anything about it  – okay – but did he investigate as to who did? Dr Freiden is either a total incompetent or there’s something else going on.


VIDEO: Nurses (with direct contact): Ebola gear left neck exposed:

Youtube – Published on Oct 16, 2014 – Nurse Briana Aguirre reveals the type of protective gear she wore while treating Ebola patient Nina Pham.”


Dr. Tom Frieden in Liberia wearing full coverage protection while visiting (no direct contact) Doctors Without Borders:

Frieden, CDC, Ebola Treatment Center MonroviaDr. Tom Frieden, Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), underwent decontamination procedures after leaving an Ebola treatment unit in Liberia’s capital city of Monrovia. (Photo: CDC/Sally Ezra)


From the NYTimes via the now scrubbed CDC link…

Illustrated Guide for Putting On and Taking Off Protective Clothes:


There is also a document illustrating how to put on and take off protective garments. This posterlike list suggests removing protective equipment by grasping it from behind – stressing that the front is contaminated.


Note: link above from the NYTimes isn’t working – scrubbed CDC link:

Benefit of the doubt – the pdf link may have been scrubbed so as not confuse but a note of explanation would have been nice, such as, an updated redirect illustrating the correct protective clothing…


CDC director Dr. Tom Dreidan initially blamed the nurses for breaking protocol – to date he was never stated how it was broken – he has since retracted. All the nurses followed CDC the protocol w/ the “protective” gear available. They obviously knew better but weren’t left with a choice unless it was to neglect caring for the patient. We now know the choice they made – thankyou is hardly enough. Let’s hope our troops bound for Africa receive the protective covering Dr Freiden was given when he visited Liberia. We know our nurses didn’t…Why? The CDC has apparenty been preparing since March – so why didn’t they ensure that hospitals had the same protective covering he wore in Liberia?


Note: A second person should be available to assist in dressing and undressing the nurse from the protective gear!


UPDATE: Suiting up for Ebola

Some residents of West Africa are frightened by the protective suits worn by health workers aiding victims of the Ebola virus, but for those workers, personal protective equipment and strict disinfection procedures offer critical protection from the deadly disease, which is transmitted through contact with bodily fluids. Related article.


Each worker is accompanied by a partner, who spot-checks for exposed skin or tears in the equipment.• Before entering treatment centers, workers wash with a water solution of 0.5 percent chlorine or soap and water.• Once in the treatment center, workers should not touch their face. They should limit the number of surfaces they touch and must wash their gloved hands frequently. • Workers should change gloves if they become heavily contaminated. If supply allows, gloves must be changed when moving from patient to patient. When leaving the treatment center, workers are sprayed with a chlorine solution and step through a chlorine basin in a decontamination zone.• In the decontamination area, workers first remove outer gloves and place them in a biohazard container.• Workers wash their hands in a chlorine solution or soap and water after removing each item of protective clothing.• As they leave the containment area, their feet are sprayed with a chlorine solution.• Coveralls, goggles, boots and aprons can be reused after disinfection. Gloves, facemasks, respirators and surgical caps are incinerated.GogglesSurgical capRespiratorCoverallsTwo pairs of gloves,taped closedBootsApronTHE SUIT*THE PROCEDURE123456789*Doctors Without Borders design


SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. GRAPHIC: Charity Brown and Patterson Clark – The Washington Post. Published Sept. 15, 2014.


CDC mask instruction is also missing “page not found” – one can see why:

II.E.4. Respiratory protection

The subject of respiratory protection as it applies to preventing transmission of airborne infectious agents, including the need for and frequency of fit-testing is under scientific review and was the subject of a CDC workshop in 2004 763….ttp://

***Masks should not be confused with particulate respirators that are used to prevent inhalation of small particles that may contain infectious agents transmitted via the airborne route.


Related informative article based on doctors without borders:

The Ebola Breakout Coincided With UN Vaccine Campaigns Posted on

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