Is It All About Ebola After All?

Correlation is not causation but this is uncanny…

Charts: Bloomberg


A picture can say a thousands words.



[…] 3.But what is the link between Ebola and Money-ebola? One suspects the breakdown of constraints on the behaviour of big Pharmacological companies . Control measures like vaccines and basic research is not being done. Even if known, it is not implemented. Remember HIV?

There is the horrible suspicion that they have an effective vaccine against Ebola, but it is too cheap to make a profit.

The Clipboard man below is not worried. He is vaccinated. 

Clipboard guy pics  – google

4. Where are our Champions of Immortality?

Especially L Craig Venter. He has the resources to solve the vaccine problem within about a week:

See An humongous concentration of capital and skill (Note how L Craig Venter has morphed into J Craig Venter)–wipe-humanity.html

Or perhaps they have already done so . While killing of most of the human race is seen as an attractive option by the-end-justifies-the-means mob , it has already been tried.

It didn’t work then , and it won’t work now.


Youtube – published on Oct 18, 2014 – …

“clipboard guy”

staged event? vaccinated already?

The corporate media “investigated” and discovered the clipboard guy was needed to direct the medics onto the plane – yet the protective covering appears to  give them adequate flexibility – it’s not like they were going through a maze…


Patients tried to flee in panic shouting ‘Ebola!’ when medics in Biohazard suits brought elderly woman into London hospital to be tested for the disease.…

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