BREAKING: NYT Reporter Who Published #DarrenWilson Address Calling Cops Nonstop

Follow-up on NYTimes story – initial report below:

November 29, 2014 by


The New York Times journalist who published Darren Wilson’s home address wants police protection and has been calling the police nonstop, has learned.

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Julie Bosman “keeps calling the 20th District station complaining about people harassing and threatening her,” our source told us. She’s also “complaining about numerous food deliveries being sent to her residence.”

Chicago police department sources alerted about the glaring double standard on Friday. published Julie Bosman’s address in Chicago after she published the address of Officer Darren Wilson and his new wife in a widely criticized move.



Initial report in response to the NYTimes article which printed Officer Darren Wilson’s Address:

Here Are the Addresses of the New York Times Journalists Who Posted Darren Wilson’s Address

Posted 11/26/2014 12:40 am by

It didn’t take long for those in the liberal media to post the address information of vindicated Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. However, to one up them, the addresses of the two journalists who did the posting, Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson, have also been posted in the media.

Here’s the report (with their addresses) as written up by Charles Johnson of

New York Times reporters Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson published the address of Darren Wilson in the New York Times so here are their addresses. strenuously objects to publishing the addresses of individuals who are being targeted with death threats. published the address of Ebola patient Nina Pham so that people could avoid going to her Houston apartment.

But it would also be wrong to publish the addresses of journalists without their consent.

It would be wrong, for example, to publish Bosman’s address at

CHICAGO, IL 60660-4204

It would be similarly wrong to publish the address of Robertson, too.

NEW ORLEANS, LA 70119-3203

So why do journalists think they are beyond examination?

How does it advance the story to know where Darren Wilson and his newly wed live?

So why do journalists think they are beyond examination?

How does it advance the story to know where Darren Wilson and his newly wed live?


Good questions. Officer Darren Wilson’ life has been threatened, and these two NYT reporters published his address. Why? I can think of no other reason than to get him killed. They should both be fired!





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