Update on Founder of Argus Radio Mustafa Hussein bin Beyyette

Mustafa Hussein bin Beyyette

Mustafa Hussein bin Beyyette Source

Google Images – Thomas R Barrett

You’ll also find him under the name Mustafa Osiris and Mustafa Hussein

…Extensive research by GotNewscontributor Charles C. Johnson reveals that one of the most celebrated Ferguson activists,  Mustafa Hussein, is a first-rate sleazeball… Plus, according to Johnson, “none other than the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is suing” the Ferguson Police Department on behalf of Mustafa, on the premise that they purportedly harassed him.

So, want to know more about this liberal hero? Start by visiting the Missouri State Highway Patrol Sex Offender Registry and searching for Theodore Barrett:

Theodore Barrett Mustafa Hussein

The first thing you ought to notice is that the St. Louis offender known as Theodore R Barrett goes by multiple nicknames, one of which happens to be Mustafa Hussein… [mc->and Mustafa Osiris]

Now click his record and read. It turns out that Theodore Barrett, aka Mustafa Hussein, earned a conviction back in 2000 for engaging in indecent contact with a 12-year-old female child from Clarinda, Iowa. What a hero, right? (sarcasm alert)

Next, click over to the New Mexico Courts Case Lookup page and search for the same name, Theodore Barrett. Now click on the second case from the bottom:

Mustafa Hussein Drug Dealer

The first charge indicates that he used to deal Schedule IV drugs….

Next, according to an anonymous posting on Cheaterville.com, Mustafa Hussein is also a liar who never actually served in the military:

Theodore Barrett Military Service Post

This despite the fact that during the ordeal at the Cardinals game last week, Mustafa told a Darren Wilson supporter that he’s a former military member...


More here: mediachecker 

Child Sexual Offender – Mustafa Hussein aka Mustafa Osiris aka Theodore Roosefelt Barrett has been the subject of fawning, gushing profiles by the corporatist media…

  • NPR,
  • Washington Post,
  • Huffington Post,
  • MSNBC,
  • Bloomberg, and the
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • CNN
  • Poynter.org – NGO

Here’s an interview w/ Mustafa Hussein aka Theodore Barrett aka Mustafa Osiris via Bloomberg TV – they name him as the founder: Bloomberg TV.

From Poynter Institute NGO…

…”The red box allows him to broadcast to livestream and transcodes video from the camera to the wireless router. The black box, a VidiU, does the same thing “except we got a call from YouTube Corporate requesting we live stream with that,” Hussein says. “So they overnighted the equipment to us.” YouTube paid for that equipment and is now sponsoring a streaming package…source – poynter.org


Mustafa Hussein never actually served in the military as he claimed.

“Mustafa Hussein, a political science student who volunteers at the small, urban music station based in nearby Maplewood.” huffington post 

The multiple named Hussein omitted telling the Huffington Post that he founded Argus Radio, which launched online a year ago. He told them it’s run by five volunteers huffington post 

Bloomberg TV says Hussein founded Argus Radio – Bloomberg TV


Is he a “political science student”?

Did he serve in the military? Sources say no!

Did he “found” Argus Radio? Bloomberg TV says yes…

Did he fund Argus Radio? If not, who funded it? One might wonder if Jared Cohen and movement.org had a hand in it. Movement.org is officially partnered with the US Department of State and Columbia Law School….Other sponsors include Facebook, YouTubemediachecker

It must be nice to have the youtube corporate people calling you with some very nice free gifts…:)

Anyway all we know for sure is that Mustafa Hussein has multiple fake names and was charged for assault, drug dealing, child molestation…and that he founded Argus Radio…

PS: No surprise Mustafa starts his broadcast off with –  “I am Mike Brown Live from Ferguson” since it must be confusing for him (as it is for us) trying to stay abreast on which name to use and when…


Update:  A woman who worked with Mustafa “Beyyette” at Islamaca International, called the revelations of child molestation a “needless and irrelevant scandal”. Audio and article 

This week, Paducah-based television station WPSD reported one of the leaders of Islam Advocacy Group Islamaca International has a criminal record. They reported Mustafa Beyyette is a registered sex offender and was separately charged with impersonating a member of the military. The Illinois State Police registry confirms Beyyette is a sex offender. Head Islamaca spokesperson and Mustafa’s wife, Bethany Beyyette says the details of the charges are inaccurate, and the Beyyettes have petitioned to get them changed. Because of ongoing litigation, she declined to comment further. However, she would comment on the registry’s note that “Mustafa Beyyette” is an alias, and Mr. Beyyette’s name is actually Thomas Barrett.

Bethany Beyyette 
Southern Illinois University
Council on American-Islamic Relations, PROYECTO ARQUEOLÓGIGO CANCUÉN, University of New Mexico
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Mustafa Beyyette’s blog:  The Faceless Racist

Bethany and Mustafa’s baby registry – June 1, 2014


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10 Responses to Update on Founder of Argus Radio Mustafa Hussein bin Beyyette

  1. G. Marcum says:

    He was a member of The United States Marine Corps. I cannot speak to his discharge status but I and many others served with him in 29 Palms California. The rest I cannot speak to but did wish to set that record straight.

  2. Timothy Littmann says:

    I served with Barrett in the Marines. He was in my platoon and he was a piece of shit. All of this stuff regarding him is not in the least surprising. He is a fraud.

  3. Brian Miller says:

    Theodore Barrett was indeed a Marine, he was always in trouble for something stupid. He only made it a year or so before he was eventually discharged. Any boots that went to C&E school in 1995 and were thrashed by some random SGT. it was probably Barrett. and he was a PFC.

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  5. cody v. says:

    I did time with mustafa in mdc a jail in Albuquerque nm he was actually really cool he was pretty damn smart he was in there for being a Muslim and marrying a non Muslim woman or something and he was suing the jail I dont think he was a Chester or anything like that alot of ppl have criminal pasts so what get over it

    • lizard Jones says:

      He was in custody of the US Marshalls in NM for falsely wearing a Marine uniform, claiming to be an officer in the military, and for having a fraudulent military ID in 2004. He was also selling drugs.

      He was indeed in the military. His DD14 says he was dishonorable discharged for theft and wearing medals he was unauthorized to wear. He was in the brig at Camp Lejeune.

      He was ordered by the US Marshalls office to under go a psych eval. Came back sociopathic with a strong tendency to repeat a sex crime and deemed dangerous to others. Big surprise there.

      If he opens his mouth, he is lying. He is a sociopathic con artist.

      I have a copy of those legal docs.

  6. QueenBea says:

    He was arrested for fraud entry wearing a marine uniform and for carrying a fake military ID. He did the same thing under his brother’s name: Geronimo Lee Barrett. He has an Illinois state ID in his brother’s name and his photo.

    He went by the name Theodore Munson in high school then, Theodore Roosevelt Barrett. Then, his Muslim alter egos and now, “Thomas Barrett”.

    (You can only legally change your name so many times).

    He gives yet a different alias to the Ferguson police dept claiming he had his name legally changed in Arizona. (That police report is available online).

    He was in the military USMC. His DD14 says he was dishonorably discharged for theft and for helping himself to ranks and medals he wasn’t authorized by the military to have because he certainly hadn’t earned them. He was a fraud then and he is still a fraud.

    He couldn’t have been too smart. He got caught.

    You can’t get arrested in America for marrying a non Muslim- even if you are a Muslim. This isn’t the Middle East…..

    • robbyspencer2016 says:

      Hi QueenBea! I’m a reporter. Have you had personal dealings with these losers? I would like to speak to you via telephone if possible. If you are in possession of documents related to either of these characters, could you please scan them and send them to me via e-mail?

  7. Qbert123 says:


    He was put in the brig and dishonorably discharged due to theft and wearing medals he was not authorized to wear.

    He also claims to be in the military under his brothers name, Geronimo Lee Barrett and has other aliases.

    Also arrested by US Marshalls in New Mexico for fraudulently wearing a us military uniform and carrying a fake military badge that states he was currently serving when he was not legally in military service.

  8. Qbert123 says:

    I have.

    I would need to see proof of your credentials please (and from a verifiable source)

    Sorry but after dealing with this con, I don’t take things at face value anymore.

    I also have contact a few fellow victims.

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