Vermont Becomes First to Have Mandatory GMO Labeling

Vermont Becomes First to Have Mandatory GMO Labeling

Image Credits: CT Senate Democrats / Flickr.

by Christina Sarich | | April 24, 2015

After months of consumer and activist comments, picketing at the Attorney General’s Office, and winning a lawsuit against Monsanto who tried to overturn the original law, Vermont has just become the first state to have mandatory GMO labeling.

Vermont became the first state to become GMO-labeled (a step toward becoming GMO-Free) in 2014, but Monsanto, Dow, Bayer and other biotech interests decided that consumers had no rights at the state level to determine what they wanted to eat. Vermont was brave enough to uphold the voted-upon law anyhow, and even put money aside for the legal fight they knew would ensue when the new legislation passed.

On Friday, the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules formally filed with the Secretary of State’s Office to uphold the new GMO labeling rule, which will become effective July 1, 2016.

Attorney General Bill Sorrell said that the formal adoption of the GMO labeling law gives ample time to food manufacturers to change their products or lose an entire state’s business.

I’m proud of Vermont for standing strong against biotech, and we need to do the same now as members of Congress will vote this week on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). If this ‘Nafta-on-steroids” bill wins the vote, then it would take away state’s rights to ban or label GMOs, and all the effort Vermont has put into cleaning up its food supply will have been for naught.

Make sure you call or email Congress today and tell them not to allow the TPP.

This article originally appeared at Natural Society.


The beginning…thanks Vermont.

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Unscrupulous Special Interests and Their Vaccine Crusade

April 7, 2015 (F. William Engdahl – NEO) – Polio is something I have more than a passing acquaintance with. Two days before my fifth birthday a medical doctor in Minneapolis diagnosed me with polio. I only learned decades later that it was not polio, poliomyelitis or infantile paralysis as it was also called. It was shortly after World War II. Then a few years later we were presented Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine, and the world believed that because of that vaccine and the Sabin variant, polio had been stamped out. The reality was that polio was not and is not a “virus,” nor did the vaccines of Salk or Sabin eradicate.

The symptoms that were given the name “polio” had dramatically declined several years before the first vaccine and Salk claimed the credit for his vaccine which was released in 1955. The symptoms that got the name polio came from a team at the Rockefeller University in 1910. Those symptoms were listed as fever, severe headache, stiff neck and back, deep muscle pain. Pretty vague.

Many, many things can cause fever and such symptoms in a small child, for example being raped by someone they thought loved them or experiencing other trauma. It has been suggested that there was a major wave of in-family child rapes as soldiers returned from the traumas of their own war experiences in World War II. It was convenient for some to label the upsurge in such symptoms as polio and create a national media scare that was to most Americans in the early 1950’s more terrifying than Joe Stalin and communism. The drug industry got a huge boost and today, even newborns are jabbed multiple times in the first weeks of their fragile lives with concoctions that have been documented not to prevent viral infection but to make weak, sick and in some tragic cases autistic or even dead children.

The Rockefeller University in New York had begun literally playing around with children with the symptoms later formalized as polio as far back as 1910. Simon Flexner, first director of the predecessor to the Rockefeller University, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, had produced the symptoms later named polio. He did that in a rhesus monkey which then transmitted the disease from one animal to another. Flexner was a close friend and advisor of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., son of the founder of the Standard Oil trust.

Albert Sabin, creator of the Sabin polio vaccine had come out of the Rockefeller University. Human experiments with untested versions of the polio vaccines were done on already crippled children in care homes, on children in homes for the mentally insane and on that Rockefeller family plantation for human experiments, Puerto Rico.

Since that time the Rockefellers, some of the world’s most ardent financial backers of eugenics, have been at the center of the developments around what was named polio and its “vaccine.”

Eugenics was a fraudulent social theory that a “better society” could be created by eliminating “undesirable” human blood lines and promoting the desirable types like those of Rockefellers or DuPonts or their likes. To the present day eugenics is the guiding ideology of the very rich, loveless American oligarchs including Bill Gates and David Rockefeller. To this day the major financial backers of the criminal activities of the UN WHO (World Health Organization) and their fraudulent swine flu pandemic scares are the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gates, GAVI and Murder Inc.

Several years ago, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, along with the World Bank, UNICEF, the WHO and a group of pharmaceutical companies, united all in something called GAVI and set out to bring massive polio vaccination first to India. GAVI: The Vaccine Alliance was founded by the Gates Foundation in 2000 as a “public-private partnership” to unite in assaulting poorer developing countries with the Big Pharma vaccine industry they would otherwise bespared.

In India Gates, Rockefellers and WHO with their Big Pharma partners convinced the Indian government to spend some $8 billion of their scarce funds, along with a tiny amount of “seed” money from GAVI partners, to vaccinate Indian children.

The result?

An article in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics in 2012 concluded, “In 2011, there were an extra 47,500 new cases of NPAFP. Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio received. Though this data was collected within the polio surveillance system, it was not investigated.” Instead, Gates and Company proclaimed India “polio” free.

They ignored the fact their “polio” vaccines were killing and paralyzing 48,000 Indian children because the WHO definition of polio allowed them the casuistry. NPAFP stands for Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis. The medical-industrial complex are masters at coming up with names.

By calling it non-polio, they defined polio as eradicated in India. But their vaccines are killing and paralyzing tens of thousands of children. So by the WHO semantics the GAVI vaccines did not caused a single case of “polio.” It did cause 48,000 cases of something far deadlier and more damaging, Acute Flaccid Paralysis, a condition the WHO admits is clinically indistinguishable from polio and which occurred in direct proportion to the doses of polio vaccine received.

A similar phenomenon took place at the same time in neighboring Pakistan. In 2011 the Paktstan Tribune reported, “A government inquiry has found that polio vaccines for infants funded by the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisation are causing deaths and disabilities in regional countries including Pakistan. Geneva-based officials of GAVI, Jeffrey Rowland and Dan Thomas, were contacted by e-mail but they did not respond. “ GAVI spent a mere 7.8% of the total cost of the mass vaccination in Pakistan, of Rs26 billion. The Tribune continued, “Pakistan will be spending Rs24.2 billion from its own resources on the purchase of new and under-used vaccines at much higher cost as compared to their equivalent vaccines.” The Gates-Rockefeller-WHO polio vaccination program in Pakistan killed an estimated 10,000 and crippled tens of thousands more.

Now the focus has moved to another US warzone, Syria.

Polio in Syria?

For two decades Syria has been polio-free. Now, beginning 2013 in the wake of their criminal efforts in Pakistan and India, the WHO has declared the presence of polio outbreaks in Syria and accused President Assad of refusing vaccine teams – the previous ones in Pakistan, laced with CIA agents.

The “polio” spreading in war-ravaged Syria, where the CIA and Pentagon and their assets such as ISIS and CIA-funded opposition have destroyed homes and driven millions into refugee status, is vaccine-caused, just as in India and just as in Pakistan. The polio spreading through Syria is “vaccine-derived polio,” specifically, the same strain of “non-polio acute flaccid paralysis” as in India and Pakistan that coincided with the mass vaccinations with Sabin oral vaccines by GAVI. The vaccine originated from the oral polio vaccine developed by former Rockefeller University researched, Sabin, which contains an attenuated vaccine-virus or active polio virus along with unknown adjuvants or boosters the drug companies prefer not to reveal.

Kindah al-Shammat, Syrian Minister of Social Affairs, said at the time that, “The virus originates in Pakistan and has been brought to Syria by the jihadists who come from Pakistan.”

WHO Rockefeller Tetanus abortions

If this sounds improbable take a close look at a recent expose by a concerned group of Kenyan doctors about a vaccine developed by WHO in conjunction with the Rockefeller and Gates foundations. The Kenya Catholic Doctors Association discovered an antigen that causes miscarriages in a tetanus vaccine that is being administered to 2.3 million girls and women by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. Since 1972 the Rockefeller Foundation has worked in secrecy with the WHO and various pharmaceutical companies to fund a WHO program in “reproductive health.” There they developed an innovative tetanus vaccine.

In the early 1990’s, according to a report from the Global Vaccine Institute, the WHO oversaw massive vaccination campaigns against tetanus in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, a Roman Catholic lay organization, became suspicious of the motives behind the WHO program. When they tested numerous vials of the vaccine they, like in Kenya today, found they contained the same Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, or HCG. They found that to be very curious in a vaccine designed to protect people against lock-jaw arising from infection with rusty nail wounds. Tetanus is also rather rare, so why a mass vaccination campaign and that for only women of child-bearing age?

HCG is a natural hormone needed to maintain a pregnancy. However, when combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier, it stimulated the formation of antibodies against HCG, rendering a woman incapable of maintaining a pregnancy, a form of concealed abortion.

The pattern is clear. The global agenda of Rockefellers, Gates, Clintons, Bushes and their very rich loveless friends is racist. It calls for elimination of non-white populations, genocide. Their tools of choice include wars everywhere from Afghanistan to Pakistan to Libya to Syria to Ukraine. It includes campaigns of massive select vaccinations in war-torn countries. It includes setting the CIA and Mossad to the job of creating fake Islamic “jihadist” terrorists to kill and main and create the cover for a Washington “war on terror.” Their only problem of late is that these strategies are failing. That’s bad news for the paranoid oligarchs, good news for sane remnants of the human race, human beings.

F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


Depopulation: Kenyan Bishops Fear Tetanus Vaccine Campaign is Aimed to Sterilize Women

Tetanus vaccines found spiked with sterilization chemical to carry out race-based genocide against Africans


The current Obama administration Science Czar, John Holdren, wrote a book with Paul and Anne Ehrlich (thought leaders in the vaccination industry) in the 1970s called “EcoScience” promoting the depopulation of the planet using vaccinations as a medium for for mass sterilization. If you doubt me, please look it up on (link below) and read the comments from people who have purchased the book and read it. Regarding conspiracy, it is not what I don’t know about the current leadership of our country that scares me. It is what I DO know!… EcoScience on Amazon

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Pope Francis drops the ‘G-word’ and rekindles century-old genocide debate

April 13th 2015

Another Sunday sermon, another international uproar. Controversy appears to be becoming a habit for Pope Francis. A week after he accused the world of “standing mute” while Christians were slaughtered, the pope again stirred anger by calling the 1915 killings of up to 1.5 million Armenians by Turks a “genocide,” and not just any genocide but “the first genocide of the 20th century.”

He spoke during a Sunday mass at St. Peter’s Basilica to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the tragedy. “Bishops and priests, religious, women and men, the elderly and even defenseless children and the infirm were murdered.”

Turkey reacted furiously, recalling its ambassador to the Vatican and accusing the pope of spreading “hatred and animosity” with “unfounded allegations.”

Yet, the pope’s remarks weren’t exactly unprecedented. Pope John Paul II said nearly the same thing in 2001, and Francis himself made almost identical comments before becoming pontiff in 2013.

Outrage in Turkey over the “G” word — with reference to the killings that started to unfold in April 1915 amid the chaos of World War I — is nothing new. But experts say the latest furor has as much to do with current events — especially politics inside Turkey — as it does with any lasting debate over early-20th-century history.

In fact, Pope Francis is just the latest in a long line of religious and political leaders to wrestle with what has become one of the world’s most sensitive struggles over nomenclature. American presidents from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama have walked a tightrope between the weight of historical evidence on one side, and the importance of ties to Turkey on the other. And Turkey itself has been torn over the issue of whether to call the killings “genocide,” with public figures thrown into prison or forced to flee from the country simply for uttering the word.

“It’s become hugely politicized,” says Eugene Rogan, director of Oxford University’s Middle East Center and the author of an acclaimed new book about the fall of the Ottomans. “Turkey is a NATO ally and the Turkish government responds very negatively to anybody raising the question of genocide. So it’s in that context that the furor over the pope’s comments should be viewed.”

“In order to understand Turkey and its denialism, you have to compare it to apartheid in South Africa,” says Taner Akçam, a Turkish professor of history at Clark University. “If Turkey wants to play an important role in the political development in the Middle East, Turkey has to face its own history.”

“No other historical issue causes such anguish in Washington,” Thomas de Waal wrote recently in an article titled “The G-Word: The Armenian Massacre and the Politics 
of Genocide” in Foreign Affairs. “Over the years, the debate has come to center on a single word, ‘genocide,’ a term that has acquired such power that some refuse to utter it aloud, calling it ‘the G-word’ instead. For most Armenians, it seems that no other label could possibly describe the suffering of their people. For the Turkish government, almost any other word would be acceptable.”

A century ago, there was little doubt about the magnitude of the massacre, de Waal writes. In 1914, the quickly crumbling Ottoman Empire sought to recoup some of its recently lost territories by siding with Germany against Russia. Turkish leader Mehmed Talat Pasha “accused Christian Armenians — a population of almost two million, most of whom lived in what is now eastern Turkey — of sympathizing with Russia and thus representing a potential fifth column,” according to de Waal. “Talat ordered the deportation of almost the entire people to the arid deserts of Syria. In the process, at least half of the men were killed by Turkish security forces or marauding Kurdish tribesmen. Women and children survived in greater numbers but endured appalling depredation, abductions, and rape on the long marches. 

“They were essentially death marches,” Rogan tells The Washington Post. Their goal was to decimate the Armenians and prevent them from attaining “a critical demographic mass that might seek independence.”

“That was the logic behind the genocide,” he says. “Then the question was, ‘Who is going to do it?’ because massacring hundreds of thousands of people is horrible, violent work. There is documentation to show that the Ottoman government released prisoners, convicted murderers and created gangs to actually do the butchery. They also sent around propaganda to suggest that the killing of Armenians was part of the overall jihad effort that the sultan had declared at the time of the declaration of war, so that people would essentially be doing religious work in participating in this massacre.”

For decades, the world was too busy with other bloodshed. “The horrors of World War II overtook the horrors of World War I,” Rogan says.

But when the Armenian massacre was mentioned, it was never referred to as “genocide” for an even simpler reason: The word simply didn’t exist.

It wasn’t until after World War II that a Polish-born Jewish lawyer named Raphael Lemkin essentially invented the phrase.

“When Raphael Lemkin was devising the arguments around a new crime called ‘genocide’ after the Jewish holocaust in World War II, he really took the Armenian genocide as his prior example to base the concept on,” Rogan says. “Because of the scale of killing, because of the [Turkish] government’s involvement in how to do this … so it was very much with the Armenian genocide in mind that Lemkin coined the phrase ‘genocide.’”

“Lemkin had a morally courageous vision: to get the concept of genocide enshrined in international law,” de Waal writes. “His tireless lobbying soon paid off: In 1948, just four years after he invented the term, the United Nations adopted the Genocide Convention, a treaty that made the act an international crime.”

But bickering and politicking over the term began almost immediately. “In his uncompromising pursuit of his goal, Lemkin allowed the term ‘genocide’ to be bent by other political agendas,” de Waal writes. “He opposed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted a week after the Genocide Convention, fearing that it would distract the international community from preventing future genocides—the goal that he thought should surpass all others in importance. And he won the Soviet Union’s backing for the convention after ‘political groups’ were excluded from the classes of people it protected.”

America’s stance on the issue was clear — at least at first. In 1951, the United States called the Armenian killings genocide before the International Court of Justice, de Waal writes. And three decades later, Reagan referred to the “genocide of the Armenians” during a Holocaust remembrance speech.

But global politics forced Reagan to reconsider. A series of attacks by Armenian militants — including the 1982 assassination of Kemal Arikan, the Turkish consul general to the United States, in Los Angeles — prompted the president to drop all references to the “genocide.” Turkey was, and still is, an important ally, after all.

A subsequent State Department report titled, “Armenian Terrorism: A Profile,” described the events in 1915 as “ambiguous,” de Waal writes. “The Department of State does not endorse allegations that the Turkish government committed a genocide against the Armenian people,” the report said. “Armenian terrorists use this allegation to justify in part their continuing attacks on Turkish diplomats and installations.”

“From that point on, a new line had been drawn by the executive branch, and the term ‘Armenian genocide’ was outlawed in the White House,” according to de Waal.

Every American president since then has tiptoed around the issue. Before taking office, Obama had no problem calling the 1915 massacre “genocide.” Since his election, however, the president has used another term — Meds Yeghern, or “Great Catastrophe” in Armenian — to describe the death or disappearance of as many as 1.5 million Armenians, a hedging that has drawn rebukes from Armenian American groups.

Part of the problem dates back to the fuzzy definition of the word. Article 2 of the U.N.’s Genocide Convention defines “genocide” as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such.”

Turkey claims that the killings were not a targeted campaign to exterminate Armenians but rather one part of a messy civil war. But Akçam and other Turkish scholars have recently shown that to be untrue by unearthing documents linking the government to the genocide, Rogan says.

“There are four main reasons why the Turkish state is so vehement in denying the Armenian genocide,” Akçam says. The first is a fear that admitting to genocide would unleash a flood of compensation claims against the Turkish government.

“Turkey has been sitting on the wealth of these Armenians for a century,” he says. “We reestablished our republic on the wealth of two million Armenians.”

More than money, however, Turkish national identity is at stake. “To call the founding fathers murderers or thieves, this is the most difficult part,” Akçam says, contrasting Turkish reticence with the widespread American acknowledgement of the horrors of slavery or abuse of Native Americans.

In 2005, Turkey’s Nobel Prize-winning novelist, Orhan Pamuk, was charged with “public denigration of Turkish identity” for mentioning the massacre during an interview with a Swiss newspaper. He was forced to flee the country, although the charges were eventually dropped.

Another issue is fear of an “eternal debate” within Turkey. “If you start with Armenians, where are you going to end?” Akçam says, citing atrocities against Greeks, Assyrians, Jews and Alawites.

Finally, there is what Akçam calls “The Pinocchio Effect.”

“Turkey, like Pinocchio, has a very long nose,” he says. “It’s not easy to wake up one morning and say ‘Oh, we lied. We were wrong.’”

Akçam says he applauds Pope Francis for going further than his predecessors and for forcing the issue in Turkey and around the world.

“I congratulate the pope,” he says. “This a courageous movement, and I hope it will be a breakthrough.” Akçam hopes Obama will realize that the choice between morals and international politics is a false one, and that calling the Armenian massacre “genocide” will be better for Turkey and for the region.

“For decades, America has thought it’s better not to get Turkey angry, but it is so short sighted. It is so stupid,” he says. “This pope now has made a bold move.”

Michael E. Miller is a foreign affairs reporter for The Washington Post. He writes for the Morning Mix news blog. Tweet him: @MikeMillerDC


“Turks Slaughter Christian Greeks”, The Lincoln Daily Star (article), 19 October 1917 .

The (western mongolian) Turks also  targeted all minority groups which were Christian, and killed or displaced millions of Armenians, Ionian and Pontic Greeks as well as Christian Assyrians.

The Pontic Greeks were driven on the same death marches by the Turks, along with the Assyrians, as they lived in more inland areas. The Ionians had the best chance for escape, as they lived on the western coastal region, though many were still slaughtered – even into the 1920s (most notably at the burning/massacre of Smyrna (Izmir to the Turks) in 1922.

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Twenty-two nations have already officially recognized the Armenian genocide

by Joachim Hagopian on April 16, 2015

Armenian intellectuals who were arrested and later executed en masse by Young Turk government authorities on the night of 24 April 1915.

armenians beheaded by turks

Turkish soldiers posing proudly with the
decapitated heads of Armenian community
leaders, 1915

Armenians from Kesaria

Armenians from Kesaria in front of jail one hour before all were killed

As America’s foremost ally on the geopolitics chessboard bridging Europe, the Middle East and Asia, both Turkey and President Obama are coming under increasing pressure as the 24th of April, 2015 approaches marking the official 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide.

Twenty-two nations that include most all of South America, much of Europe, Russia, Canada and all but six US states have already officially recognized the Armenian genocide. Greece, Cyprus and Switzerland have even made it a crime in their countries to deny the Armenian genocide.

Last Sunday Pope Francis called the slaughter of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire “the first genocide of the 20th century,” urging the entire international community of nations to follow suit in officially recognizing it as such. Possessing a sense of admiration toward the Armenian people, the pope acknowledged Armenia as the very first nation state to declare Christianity as its state religion way back in 301 AD.

The Armenians trace their roots back to Noah’s great great grandson Haik, declaring him their ancient Armenian patriarch. Legendary stories abound even to this day of Noah’s ark still lodged amidst the icy slopes of Mount Ararat located just inside the Turkish border with Armenia. Archeological expeditions have been outlawed in recent decades by Islamic Turkey, unwilling to risk enabling Armenians’ to reclaim their ancient Christian past with any substantial scientific verification.

Italian journalist and author Franca Giansoldati was recently interviewed about her new book entitled The March without Return: The Armenian Genocide. Stressing why it’s so overdue and important to recognize the last century’s first genocide, she states:

… Those million and a half persons did not die of cold. Sometimes the statistics become cold, but let’s try to put before our eyes a million and a half faces of children, of raped women, of mothers who overwhelmed threw their children into the rivers because they couldn’t see them die of hunger anymore. Let’s try to imagine this infinite cruelty… perhaps a trembling comes to one’s conscience.

In spite of the recent trend of more nations recognizing the Armenian genocide, still holding out in official denial remain just two Muslim nations, the guilty genocidal perpetrator Turkey that borders Armenia to the west and its cohort Armenian hater Azerbaijan that borders to the east.

As the nation that last fought and lost a costly war against Armenia just over two decades ago, to this day Azerbaijan engages in near daily violent skirmishes with the Armenian military over the disputed lost territory Nagorno-Karabakh. After the 1994 ceasefire, hundreds have been killed on both sides in raids and shootouts, which have substantially increased since last summer.

In the West’s constant war drumming rush towards World War III against nations of the East Russia and China, having aligned with its powerful regional neighbor Russia, Armenia lies squarely in the US Empire’s crosshairs. The Empire’s longtime imperialistic agenda has been to weaken Russia’s regional prowess and influence over its bordering neighbors Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and eroding their Eurasian Economic Union.

A recent visit to Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia in February by neocon regime changer herself Victoria Nuland (instrumental in 2014’s Ukraine coup) drew speculation she was merely marking off territory as her next victim(s).

Pope Francis is not the first Vatican leader to speak out as back in 2000 the then popular Pope John Paul II co-wrote with the Armenian Church patriarch that “the Armenian genocide, which began the century, was a prologue to horrors that would follow.”

Even back when it began in 1915, then Pope Benedict XV wrote two letters to the Turkish figurehead of the Ottoman throne Sultan Mohammed V to stop the violence but to no avail. But the genocidal-minded Young Turks party had gained control over the Ottoman Empire government, bent on executing their ambitious plan to exterminate all Armenians.

After the current pope’s condemnation of Turkey for its continued denial last Sunday, the Turkish government retaliated immediately by recalling its ambassador to the Vatican and issuing a stern statement calling the pope’s claims inflammatory, unfounded and spreading hatred.

In response to the pope’s allegations, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu tweeted, “The pope’s statement, which is far from historic and legal truths, is unacceptable. Religious positions are not places where unfounded claims are made and hatred is stirred.”

Despite virtually a unanimous worldwide consensus of historians in agreement that during the First World War and beyond the Turks massacred up to a million and a half Armenians in the century’s first genocide, the Turkish government still insists that no genocide occurred, maintaining that the death toll is an inflated false count and that not just Armenians suffered and perished but also Turks, Assyrians and Greeks lost their lives during what Turkey refers to as mere civil war unrest within the larger world war.

The Turks maintain that up to half million Turks also died, equaling the number of admitted Armenian casualties during the “civil strife” that brought the Ottoman Empire to its bloody end.

With the Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and prominent Armenian church leaders attending the St. Peter’s Basilica Mass on the first Sunday after Easter, Pope Francis chose the occasion to honor the innocent men, women and children who were “senselessly” murdered by the Ottoman Turks, believing it was his moral duty to call out Turkey for its continual denial. Francis asserted, “Concealing or denying evil is like allowing a wound to keep bleeding without bandaging it.”

The pope cited similar massacres still ongoing today with the beheadings of Christians in Iraq and Syria (including Armenians living in and near Aleppo, Syria) by the US-Israel-Turkey’s secret ally and fake enemy the Islamic State. In the strongest words yet by a pope, the leader of one billion Catholics around the world is urging the entire international community to openly accept the killing of up to 75% of all Armenians at the time as a genocide.

Hearing Pope Francis’ heartfelt convictions on their behalf last Sunday, many Armenians attending the mass were moved to tears. The head of the Armenian Apostolic Church Aram I who was present at basilica expressed gratitude for Francis’ clear condemnation and called the Armenian genocide a crime against humanity that warrants reparation.

Though Armenian President Sargsyan acknowledged the reparation issue, he said “for our people, the primary issue is universal recognition of the Armenian genocide, including recognition by Turkey.” Sargsyan rejected past feeble offers from Ankara calling for joint research looking into the historic matter, stating emphatically that scholars and commissions alike have collected overwhelming, irrefutable proof that the Turks committed genocide against Armenians.

Defined by the United Nations Convention in 1948 as “deliberate killing and other acts intended to destroy a national, ethnic, racial or religious group,” aside from Turkey there are still other nations that have balked at actually classifying the Armenian deaths a genocide.

For instance, to this day the United States nor Obama have called the spade a spade, dancing around the issue by placing geopolitics of Turkey’s significant global location more important than honesty and moral principle. Obama’s succumbed to Turkey’s relentless pressure lobbying other nations with millions in bribes to prevent official recognition of the Armenian deaths as genocide.

Every April in years past Armenian Americans have advocated for Obama to step up to the plate and finally do what’s right. Among the mounting pile of broken promises Obama has never kept while he campaigned for president was his vow to use the word “genocide” to acknowledge the annual April day of recognition. But with two key US military bases located inside strategic NATO member Turkey’s borders, global Empire dominance necessitates that virtually every US president submit to Turkish pressures to remain silent.

As a senator and presidential candidate back in 2008, Obama righteously admonished then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for recalling US Ambassador to Armenia for daring to use the g-word:

The Armenian genocide is not an allegation, a personal opinion, or a point of view, but rather a widely documented fact supported by an overwhelming body of historical evidence. The facts are undeniable. An official policy that calls on diplomats to distort the historical facts is an untenable policy.

Yet since becoming president every year geopolitics and Empire hegemony win out over personal honor and integrity that conveniently never fail to take a shameful backseat. But this year the president’s under the most heat ever with the genocidal centenary next week. Even the Los Angeles Times is optimistic, “It is also a period of the Obama presidency, its twilight, in which the president has shown a greater boldness on core issues of principle as he begins to consider his legacy.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the same president who once also promised that he would be the most open and transparent president in US history to ever embrace and uphold ethics over politics. Funny how both the current Secretary of State and Vice President when they were senators likewise were all boldly principled in calling it Armenian genocide.

But like their spineless boss, every April 24th, they too lost their previously held “strong moral compass.” As they say, power has a way of corrupting a once moral compass from all sense of righteous direction.

Meanwhile, a fellow Democrat in DC representing Glendale, California – the one US city with the highest concentration of Armenians at near half the population of 200,000 – Congressman Adam Schiff is sponsoring a US congressional resolution finally recognizing last century’s mass killings officially a genocide.

He stated that he hopes the pope’s strong sentiments “inspire our president and Congress to demonstrate a like commitment to speaking the truth about the Armenian genocide and to renounce Turkey’s campaign of concealment and denial.”

On Wednesday the European Union parliament weighed in on the issue, releasing a proclamation also pushing for Turkey to recognize the Armenian genocide for what it really is as a giant redemptive step toward “a genuine reconciliation” between Turkey and Armenia. But holdouts to the end, even prior to the EU’s vote on the resolution, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the EU’s decision in Brussels would not change his country’s official position of denial.

The EU resolution calls for both nations to ratify:

The protocols on the establishment of diplomatic relations, opening the border as well as improve their relations, with particular reference to cross-border cooperation and economic integration.

Sounds like more wishful thinking for Turkey and Obama to actually do the right thing. As further encouragement, the EU acknowledged last year’s April 23rd offer of condolences and recognition of atrocities by Turkish President as a much needed initial step in the right direction.

A couple months ago a Turkish member of parliament, Kurdish politician Ahmet Turk publicly apologized to Armenians, admitting that “our grandfathers have blood on their hands,” and calling for his government to do the same.

Two famous half Armenian American women from the entertainment industry have publicly supported the Armenian cause. Thirteen months ago Cher joined the Save Kessab campaign to generate international support for the northern Syrian town populated by Armenian Christians. Both Cher and Kim Kardashian have sought to bring awareness to the plight of Christians in war torn Iraq and Syria who have become victims persecuted and murdered by US backed brutal Islamic State extremists.

Cher also assisted Armenians after the 1988 earthquake that ravaged the Soviet outer state just prior to its 1991 independence. After attending the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan, as an activist last Sunday Kim met with Armenia’s Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan to discuss this year’s 100th Remembrance Day.

One may naively wonder what the big deal is about, attaching such significance to tragic events that happened a whole century ago and the importance of Turkey and world leaders today acknowledging the atrocities with the word “genocide” to describe them. The answer lies in the world apparently already forgetting the Armenian genocide barely a decade and a half after it ended when Adolf Hitler uttered to Reich Marshall Hermann Goering on the eve of the Polish invasion and start of World War II, “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?

Three out of four of all Armenians were wiped off the face of the earth in a matter of a few years, starting on April 24th, 1915 with the roundup in Constantinople of all the Armenian intellectuals, professionals, editors and religious leaders who were summarily executed.

Many Armenian victims were savagely slaughtered by Ottoman Turks or died of starvation during their forced deportation en route to the Syrian desert. Only a half million Armenians survived, forced to flee into Russia, the United States, other Middle Eastern countries and every continent in a vast Armenian diaspora estimated currently to be a little more than 10 million, 7 million more than live in Armenia itself.

Some 60,000 Armenians remain in Turkey today, mostly in the Istanbul metropolis. However, during the genocide thousands of mostly Armenian children were assimilated and Islamized into the Kurdish culture within southeastern Turkey. As Moslems they interbred with Kurds and fearing further persecution, the tens of thousands still living in Kurdish Turkey today have been unable to openly embrace their Armenian roots.

Every Armenian on the planet regardless of location has family lineage linked to the Armenian genocide. The emotional significance attached to formally recognizing the genocide a century ago has everything to do with honoring our parents, grandparents and great grandparents who were directly impacted and suffered lifelong trauma from the egregious atrocities.

There is especially a sense of urgency on this 100th anniversary to acknowledge as a genocide those long ago sad events before the very last of the genocide survivors die off. Very few are still alive today.

My father died a year and a half ago as a centenarian who lived on this earth for one century, one month, one week and one day as an Armenian genocide survivor. As the youngest member of his family, he was the only American born Hagopian living in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1913. His parents and four older brothers and sisters all arrived from eastern Armenia just four years prior to the genocide back in their homeland. My father’s earliest recollections were hearing about the horrible fate befalling his family relatives back in the old country.

The importance of honestly calling the genocide what it is and was pays tribute to our ancestors, and remembering that their lives still matter to us keeps alive our scared bond and connection to them as our Armenian descendants. This is what it means to be Armenian in 2015.

Let us never forget. But most of all, let us eradicate the scourge of genocide that unfortunately still grips the planet even today in places like eastern Ukraine, Gaza, Iraq, Somalia, the Central African Republic, Nigeria and Myanmar. And as long as we’re at it, true evolutionary progress of the human species can come only after all wars are abolished and both humans and nations have finally learned to resolve conflict through peaceful means.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed. blogspot. com/. He is also a regular contributor to Global Research and a syndicated columnist at Veterans Today.



1926: Turkish Prime Minister Damat Ferid Pasha placed the blame squarely on the Young Turk Party. Mustafa Kemal Pasha {Ataturk} said {in a 1926 interview with a Swiss reporter that} the Young Turks “should be made to account for the lives of millions of our Christian subjects who were ruthlessly driven en masse from their homes and massacred. . . .”

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The maritime horror that has become a centerpiece of the Cuban experience will continue even after President Obama’s overtures to the communist regime, it appears. According to witnesses aboard, the Cuban government sank a boat attempting to reach American shores carrying 32 people, including an 8-year-old child, and some passengers remain missing.


The Miami Herald reports that Masiel González Castellano, a woman who was aboard the boat with her husband and 8-year-old son, told reporters her husband remains missing after the assault. She and all those the government could pick out of the water were arrested, and the men remain under custody. “We were screaming and crying for help as the boat was sinking. But they ignored us. Instead, they continued charging against our boat. Some people dove in the water and others stayed aboard as the boat sank,” she explained. “They knew there were children aboard, but continued to charge against us. They didn’t care.”

The Herald notes that family of Castellano’s husband, Leosbel Díaz Beoto, are continuing their search to find him. An uncle contacted the U.S. Coast Guard, but was told merely that the incident occurred in Cuba and outside their jurisdiction.

In her interview, Castellano described the captain of the boat as being “from Miami,” though he has yet to be identified or accounted for. Should he be a U.S. citizen, there is potential for tension amid newly amicable relations between the White House and Havana. Ramón Saúl Sánchez, the head of the Democracy Movement and organizer of communications with Castellano to reveal this story, noted also that the incident is believed to have happened 22 miles from Cuba’s northern shore, as the group had departed from the town of Matanzas. “[It is one issue] to create such a savage act, a state against civilians, women and children,” he noted, “but another point is that, if they were located 22 miles from Cuba when the incident occurred, they acted within international jurisdiction.” Thus, the act of aggression could have violated international law.
The Cuban government acted this way before in international waters without consequences. In the most notable incident of its kind, the Cuban government drowned 10 children– 37 refugees in total– on the “13th of March” tugboat in 1994. The “tugboat massacre,” as it is known in English, not only resulted in the deaths of dozens of those onboard, but was followed by intense interrogations and potential human rights violations of those who survived:
The men were put into one cell and left there. The women and children were put it another cell, where they were interrogated. Early that evening the women and children were sent home and the men were taken to Villa Marista, Havana‟s State Security headquarters. Some were kept in detention several weeks and released to domiciliary detention. Two were kept for eight months. They were all given psychotropic drugs, visited by psychologists, and subjected to interrogations at all hours with the purpose of making them relay the story as an accident.
The Cuban communist regime has given no indication that it will change its policy regarding refugees in the wake of President Obama’s concessions to the Castro government.
May they RIP. Prayers and Condolences to the families.
Everything Obama touches turns to ashes, so much so, that people are beginning to call him Dr. Death. Obama is a “social democrat” (like de Blasio) which is similar to social fabians. They fundamentally transform countries through reformist and gradualist methods…the “normalized” conditions mentioned is more like the US being changed into a Cuba than the other way around – people are a lot easier to control by fear. (there are a number of fabian – articles posted at this site via search).
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