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The maritime horror that has become a centerpiece of the Cuban experience will continue even after President Obama’s overtures to the communist regime, it appears. According to witnesses aboard, the Cuban government sank a boat attempting to reach American shores carrying 32 people, including an 8-year-old child, and some passengers remain missing.


The Miami Herald reports that Masiel González Castellano, a woman who was aboard the boat with her husband and 8-year-old son, told reporters her husband remains missing after the assault. She and all those the government could pick out of the water were arrested, and the men remain under custody. “We were screaming and crying for help as the boat was sinking. But they ignored us. Instead, they continued charging against our boat. Some people dove in the water and others stayed aboard as the boat sank,” she explained. “They knew there were children aboard, but continued to charge against us. They didn’t care.”

The Herald notes that family of Castellano’s husband, Leosbel Díaz Beoto, are continuing their search to find him. An uncle contacted the U.S. Coast Guard, but was told merely that the incident occurred in Cuba and outside their jurisdiction.

In her interview, Castellano described the captain of the boat as being “from Miami,” though he has yet to be identified or accounted for. Should he be a U.S. citizen, there is potential for tension amid newly amicable relations between the White House and Havana. Ramón Saúl Sánchez, the head of the Democracy Movement and organizer of communications with Castellano to reveal this story, noted also that the incident is believed to have happened 22 miles from Cuba’s northern shore, as the group had departed from the town of Matanzas. “[It is one issue] to create such a savage act, a state against civilians, women and children,” he noted, “but another point is that, if they were located 22 miles from Cuba when the incident occurred, they acted within international jurisdiction.” Thus, the act of aggression could have violated international law.
The Cuban government acted this way before in international waters without consequences. In the most notable incident of its kind, the Cuban government drowned 10 children– 37 refugees in total– on the “13th of March” tugboat in 1994. The “tugboat massacre,” as it is known in English, not only resulted in the deaths of dozens of those onboard, but was followed by intense interrogations and potential human rights violations of those who survived:
The men were put into one cell and left there. The women and children were put it another cell, where they were interrogated. Early that evening the women and children were sent home and the men were taken to Villa Marista, Havana‟s State Security headquarters. Some were kept in detention several weeks and released to domiciliary detention. Two were kept for eight months. They were all given psychotropic drugs, visited by psychologists, and subjected to interrogations at all hours with the purpose of making them relay the story as an accident.
The Cuban communist regime has given no indication that it will change its policy regarding refugees in the wake of President Obama’s concessions to the Castro government.
May they RIP. Prayers and Condolences to the families.
Everything Obama touches turns to ashes, so much so, that people are beginning to call him Dr. Death. Obama is a “social democrat” (like de Blasio) which is similar to social fabians. They fundamentally transform countries through reformist and gradualist methods…the “normalized” conditions mentioned is more like the US being changed into a Cuba than the other way around – people are a lot easier to control by fear. (there are a number of fabian – articles posted at this site via search).
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Archaeologists Have Found Location Where Jesus Christ Taught in Israel

Published on Dec 24, 2014

Archaeologists in Israel believe they may have uncovered the location where Jesus Christ taught and preached. The discovery was made in the ancient town of Magdala — thought to be the hometown of Mary Magdalene — on the western shore of the sea of Galilee. Jesus is believed to have spent most of his life in the area. The Legionaries of Christ, a Catholic organization, bought land in the area, planning to build a hotel. An ancient temple was uncovered among the ruins in 2009.

Five years later, archaeologists are convinced that Jesus taught here, with relics seeming to support that theory. Among the historic treasures are a main hall with an elaborate mosaic floor; a limestone block carved with a menorah, the oldest ever found on stone; and Jewish ritual baths.

Father Juan Solana, founder of the Magdala Center, a spiritual center run by the Legionaries of Christ, said Jesus’ interactions in the area bolster the possibility that he taught at the site.

“Jesus was traveling many times with the boat, the fishermen and for sure I think he taught in that synagogue,” Solana said. “We can see Jesus surrounded by the people sitting on the benches of the synagogue, reading the Torah.”

Some of the artifacts were taken for the pope to see, the archaeologists said.

Work continues at the site, with 12 acres of the ancient city left to excavate.


This wonderful news is just hot off the press. A beautiful Christmas gift.

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The Christmas Truce of 1914 – Pinhole of Light Among a Nightmare of Madness

December 24, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci – LD) In the end, we have more in common with the furthest flung foreign common man than the closest corporate-fascist that presumes dominion over our lives.

During the early 1900’s, Europe was locked in the first World War. Millions would perish – tens of thousands in a single day. On one brief occasion, a pinhole of light shined through this utter madness, revealing the truth of this man-made nightmare. The men in the trenches were being driven toward each other, not by some irreconcilable difference they had with one another, but by the greed of those ruling elite residing in their respective homelands.

If only the British and Germans realized it was the greed of their own banking houses and industrialists that had them in the trenches and not some irreconcilable difference amongst themselves…

Knowledge is power, ignorance literally can mean death. When will we start being leaders in our homes, communities, counties, and provinces – driving our own destiny rather than being driven? Shall we look upon the Christmas Truce of 1914 with wonder a century on, or look toward it as evidence something was and still is tragically wrong with human civilization and work this next year with renewed vigor to resolve it?


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1,000 Soldiers Deployed on French Streets to Combat Christmas Terror Attacks


by OLIVER LANE24 Dec 2014

More than 1,000 soldiers have been deployed on the streets of France for Christmas after a spate of suspected festive-season terrorist attacks across the nation have left many French citizens critical of the government’s denialism, and fearful of increasing violence.

The move stands in contrast to the official line of the French government that the attacks, in which the assailants were reported in all cases to have shouted the Arabic salutation “Allahu Akbar” as they commenced their rampages, had nothing to do with terrorism, and were completely unrelated. The government has come under fire from opposition parties for its denial of a terrorism link, with French social media users reportedly cheering on the straight-talking rejection by the Front National (FN).

The Times reports the comments of FN deputy leader Florian Philippot which have apparently got social media users excited: “This is obviously terrorism… I wish they would stop playing politics and ideology, telling us that there are systematically isolated acts by disturbed people”. France has the largest Muslim population of any Western European nation, and the FN believes the government is reluctant to say anything that could antagonise the millions of Muslims settled in the country.


Different country! Same memo!

US government has read the same memo!


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The German PEGIDA movement held its largest meeting yet last night to protest what they call the ‘Islamisation of the Western World’, despite stiff opposition from all sections of Germany’s elite including politicians, media, and the arts.

Reuters / Hannibal Hanschke

by OLIVER LANE23 Dec 2014

PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West) has grown rapidly since its inception in October, a peaceful ‘strolling’ movement opposing the exceptional violence seen in street battles between Salafist Muslims and ethnic Kurds seen in many German cities this year and enormous immigration. Now on it’s tenth ‘evening stroll’, it has grown from a couple of hundred people, to 15,000 last week, to more than 17,500 last night.

In addition to the hundreds of banners with slogans such as ‘Against Hatred, Violence, and the Quran’, ‘Against Religious Fanaticism’, and ‘No Sharia in Europe’, the thousands attending brought song sheets which had been distributed online and sang favourite Christmas carols.

Despite the essentially ordinary character of many of the people taking to the streets for the peaceful strolls, and the admission by senior government and police figures that a great many of those joining in are families bringing their children, the organisation has come in for stiff criticism and rejection by the heights of the German elite.

Chancellor Merkel has suggested the leadership of PEGIDA have an ulterior motive, despite their focus on non-violent protest and apolitical principles. She even went as far to warn people thinking of going on the weekly stroll to “watch out that they are not instrumentalised by the organisers”. The SPD, Germany’s Labour-party equivalent have gone as far as calling PEGIDA “Nazis in pinstripes”.

This is despite a report by the German police that there are significantly more known troublemakers in the counter-protest movements, than in PEGIDA itself.

It is not only German politics which is putting its weight behind the counter-PEGIDA movement. Apparently dismayed that 17,500 people had turned out in bad weather to sing Christian carols, the Protestant Bishop of Dresden said PEGIDA were trying “to exploit a Christian symbol and a Christian tradition” for political ends.

Germany’s art elite also showed their disapproval last night. The directors of Dresden’s Bavarian State Opera house, outside which the protests take place turned off the lights on the building, cloaking it in darkness during the stroll. Colossal 50-foot banners were draped in front of the building reading “humanity, respect, and diversity”.

No plans have yet been announced by PEGIDA for their next march.


Prince Charles: Christians are ‘deliberately targeted’ and suffering from an ‘organised persecution’ by Islamists in the ME:

I see they’re being called Nazis by the extreme left already – dunno about anyone else but I’m immune to their branding. “When the debate is lost, slander is the tool of the loser.” – Socrates

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Hours of Christmas Songs and Carols – Enjoy

Playlist – Mix of Christmas Carols, and Songs to play all day – 2014 :)

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