Putin: I envy Obama, because he can ‘spy’ and get away with it

Published time: December 19, 2013

RIA Novosti / Michail Metcel

RIA Novosti / Michail Metcel

“I envy Obama because he can spy on his allies without any consequences,” said Putin when asked about how his relations had changed with the US following Snowden’s espionage revelations.

During an annual question-and-answer session with journalists,  Putin praised Edward Snowden’s actions, saying that he was  working for a “noble cause.” At the same time he  accepted the importance of espionage programs in the fight  against global terrorism, but said the NSA needed guidelines to  limit its powers.

“There is nothing to be upset about and nothing to be proud  of, spying has always been and is one of the oldest  professions,” said Putin.

Referring to the vast amounts of metadata gathered on citizens by  the NSA, Putin said it is impossible to sift through all of that  information. It is “useless” to look at the analysis of  spy agencies because it is the opinion of analysts and not facts  and as such can be misleading.

“You need to know the people who analyze them, I know, I did  it,” said Putin, harking back to his career as a KGB agent.

The Russian president described Snowden as a “curious  character” and said it was not clear why the former CIA  contractor had decided to blow the whistle on the NSA’s  international espionage program at such a young age.

Russia is not working with Snowden and has not received  classified documents from him, Putin said. The whistleblower has  been allowed to reside in Russia but only on the condition he  does not “engage in anti-American propaganda.”

Snowden fled to Russia from Hong Kong back in June after leaking  a trove of classified information on Washington’s espionage  activities. He disseminated the documents to international media  outlets who published them in articles blowing the whistle on the  NSA’s espionage activities.

The spy revelations triggered massive diplomatic backlash and  have had an adverse effect on the Obama administration’s foreign  policy. Europe in particular reacted angrily after it was found  that the NSA had been monitoring high-ranking political figures,  including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties and Home  Affairs met Wednesday to discuss what action the EU should take  in the wake of the spy revelations. Glenn Greenwald, the former  Guardian journalist renowned for publishing Edward Snowden’s  leaks, testified at the meeting. Greenwald claimed that the NSA’s  activities had nothing to do with the fight against terrorism and  are instead aimed at the elimination of privacy worldwide.

“What a lot of this spying is about has nothing to do with  terrorism and national security. That is the pretext. It is about  diplomatic manipulation and economic advantage,” said  Greenwald.

In the wake of the spy scandal Washington has defended the NSA,  saying their work has foiled over 50 terror plots in the US and  EU.


There actually are consequences since the USA just lost a huge Boeing order because of Selfie Obama. Anyway insofar as I know Putin isn’t a Bilderberger or Skull and Bone’r – he also knows that the current Ukrainian “revolution” is manufactured. Putin is resisting the shadow world government, and thanks to Snowden, he’ll have lots of information which he’ll release drip by drip when the times are right.

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