Protester Crashes Live BBC Broadcast to Warn of Pedophile Rings (Bank of England)

Deputy Prime Minister confronted during incident

Paul Joseph Watson March 21, 2014

A protester crashed a live BBC News broadcast to warn of “institutional pedophile rings” operating in the United Kingdom.

BBC reporter Norman Smith was scheduled to conduct an interview with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg but moments earlier Clegg was forced to flee the scene in central London after he was confronted by a protester, who according to Norman “spoiled the occasion”.

The same protester, Bill Maloney, then hijacked the BBC broadcast to proclaim, “institutional pedophile rings operating in this country now, I just asked Nick Clegg a question…” before directors cut the live feed and crossed back to the main BBC anchor who offered his “apologies” for the incident.

In the earlier incident where Maloney confronts Clegg during a photo-op, he asks the Deputy Prime Minister, “Four years I asked you what you were going to do about institutional pedophile rings operating in this country now, your reply to me Nick was ‘I don’t know what you mean by institutional pedophile rings’, do you understand what I was talking about four years ago?” Clegg replied that he was there to talk about taxes and walked away before being pursued by Maloney and journalist Sonia Poulton.

[MC-This video is a few minutes long, the same protestor angry about his report 4 yrs prior had been neglected. But there’s another angry protestor following Clegg asking him questions about the Bank of England and their austerity measures from which people are suffering. People are suffering all over the world because of these private Central Banks who link with the World Bank which in turn links to the BIS]

Since the exposure in 2012 of entertainer Jimmy Savile as a pedophile who sexually molested hundreds of children over decades, information suggesting that Savile was merely one member of a much wider pedophile network that included influential power brokers has emerged.

According to two of Savile’s victims, the TV host took part in satanic rituals during which participants chanted “Hail Satan” while abusing young girls. The victims reported the rituals to police but no action was taken.

In January it was also revealed that a secret network of Freemasons has recruited people inside Scotland Yard as a means of corrupting the criminal justice system, which some have pointed to as a reason as to why pedophiles who occupy positions of power in the police, judiciary and government are being protected from prosecution.

Recently it was reported that an adviser to the Queen and one of Britain’s most senior judges, Lord Justice Fulford, campaigned to support a pedophile group that advocated legalizing sex with children. The group was also supported by Labour Party member Harriet Harman.

Earlier this month, Patrick Rock, a special aide to British Prime Minister David Cameron, was arrested on charges of offences relating to child pornography. Ironically, Rock was a government adviser on installing web filters to block pornography.


Why isn’t the pedophile ring in all the papers daily like it was for priests – gay and otherwise? Statistics for that was 2.4 vs the Education Dept. which was 10 percent a couple of years ago – protestants 2.5. I blogged on it a while back but it’s all so disgusting – there’s been an infiltration of these satanic rings into ALL institutions. So let’s see them bang the drum the way they did w/ their Catholic smokescreen but it won’t happen since they want to take down the Catholic Church because  of …so many reasons…one day I’ll blog on it again.

The protestors in the video were excellent. We need more activists like those portrayed to hold these elected officials feet to the fire. And screw Cleggs photo-op which the BBC was must concerned. The man who warned Cleggs 4 yrs ago about the pedophile ring “spoiled the occasion” per the BBC reporter – even to the extent of apologizing for heaven’s sake!

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