Belgium: Doctor Kills Depressed Woman in Euthanasia W/O Any Mental Health Treatment

by Alex Schadenberg | Brussels, Belgium


Last week a 20 year-old Belgian woman submitted a formal complaint against Belgian euthanasia guru, Dr Wim Distelmans. The woman, known as Margot, has submitted a complaint stating that her depressed mother died by euthanasia without first receiving treatment for depression.

De Standard news reported Margot as stating:

godelieva“how could someone who has not even received treatment for depression, get euthanasia?”

Distelmans reponded:

“It’s very frustrating for me, but I can not respond to these kind of stories in the press.

I can not respond, because of privacy laws and it would violate my professional duties.”

The article reported that this euthanasia death was approved by the Belgium Euthanasia Control and Evaluation Commission. The article omitted that Distelmans chairs the Commission.

Margot’s complaint follows a complaint last February by Professor Tom Mortier concerning the euthanasia death of his mother, Godelieva De Troyer. In his complaint Mortier stated:

Distelmans did not have the expertise to evaluate whether Godelieva De Troyer, was ready for euthanasia. Distelmans is an oncologist, not a psychiatrist and was not even De Troyer’s doctor beforehand. She was physically healthy and not suffering from physical pain, and she had spoken with psychiatrists who thought that her emotional distress was treatable. In fact, she was taking medication at the time, which can cause suicidal ideation – so clearly a treatment plan was in place and it may have been causing serious side-effects. Distelmans, it seems, did not take that into account.

Similar to Belgium, the Netherlands is also incrementally extending euthanasia to more conditions.

Recently in the Netherlands Gaby Olthuis Nootdorp who was a physically healthy 47-year-old, died by euthanasia because she had been living with Tinnitus for 13 years.

In Belgium and the Netherlands doctors have the legal right to lethally inject people based on physical or psychological suffering. The term physical suffering has incrementally extended to many non-lethal conditions while the term psychological suffering cannot be defined.

The euthanasia bill that was being debated in Québec and the recent euthanasia bill that was introduced by MP Steven Fletcher in Canada’s parliament would also give Canadian doctors the right to lethally inject people for the reasons of physical or psychological suffering.

The rest of the world needs to learn about the Belgium and Netherlands euthanasia laws.

A just society cares for its citizens. A just society does not kill them. Note: Alex Schadenberg is the executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and you can read his blog here.


And how is this different from Hitler’s “Culture of Death” program? It’s occurring the Fabian Socialist – sheep in wolf’s clothing way, in increments.


“The Fabians were working towards a new world by indoctrinating young scholars who would eventually rise to power in various policy-making positions throughout the world by infiltrating educational institutions, government agencies, and political parties. Their strategy was called the “doctrine of inevitability of gradualism,” which meant that their goals would be gradually achieved. So gradual, that nobody would notice, or “without breach of continuity or abrupt change of the entire social issue.” The secret was evolution, not revolution, or what Webb called “permeation.” Shaw (whose mistress, Florence Farr, was a witch in the Order of the Golden Dawn), revealed that their goal was to be achieved by “stealth, intrigue, subversion, and the deception of never calling Socialism by its right name.” In fact, that’s how they got their name. The name originated from the Roman Consul, General Quintus Fabius Maximus, the Cunctator (‘Delayer’), who through patient, cautious, delaying and elusive tactics during the early phases of the Second Punic War (218-2″01 BC) enabled the Roman army to regroup and defeat Hannibal’s stronger Carthaginian army.”


Marie Stopes, Margaret Sanger, Annie Besant, Keynes, Beatrice & Sidney Webb, Havelock Ellis, George Bernard Shaw, George Wallas, Hubert Bland, Sidney Olivier, Betrand Russell… were members of the – “we’re better than you” – Fabian Society. They felt yesterday and feel today that they’re better than us because they have money. Where did they get their money? Their ancestors plundered, raped, and pillaged to get it – from thee and me. Yet people are following their edicts to this day. And to this day they continue to rob us. Go figure. For example, Keynes was a Fabian…

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